Tips for caring for our hair in winter

Normally we try the same way our hair in summer and winter, but it is a mistake because in winter needs specific care as a result of moisture, wind and cold. Low temperatures damage the scalp, and although no very cold, is not more prevention and provide care for our hair to make it as healthy as possible.
To keep your hair hydrated have to follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and drinking water in large quantities . When washing , the ideal is that we do it with warm water , as hot dehydrates and weakens the hair.

In addition, to reduce frizz that can lead to cause rain, fog and moisture must use a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo , and to give a plus hair care can also combine it with rich protein conditioner or mask .
Furthermore, they are also useful in hair care of hair oils . The ideal way to use them ideally apply at the ends about half an hour before washing. In this way we will prevent dehydration and make our hair look more flexible and shiny.

Regarding the use of the dryer and the iron , it is advisable to limit its use , because if we abuse them may end up inadvertently damaging the root, which could cause hair loss. And when inevitable not use them, it is best that the dryer is ion and the iron has ceramic plates.
Finally, it is not advisable to go out with hair wet , as well as to do it in winter can make us resfriemos, cold wet hair more damage than dry.

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