Tips for matching makeup day

The makeup is one of the biggest allies of our good presence and beauty , and also during the day. This time, we have some tips for matching makeup day , so that is a natural , disguising imperfections and tap distinguished our day, especially if there is a social event, work meeting or the like that requires elegance and care, in the right measure.
The first step is the hydration correct skin: before using any makeup, have to apply a suitable cream, depending on the type of skin , to hydrate and achieve a smooth and soft skin, and get so makeup remains more uniform and remains intact for longer.

Let your face breathe free up at least two days a week
For the day, a type cream BB Cream can be very useful as it gives a touch of color and help keep skin hydrated while protect it from sunlight. To correct the imperfections , you can apply some concealer before foundation or BB Cream , especially in the area around the eyes and where there are spots or blemishes.

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For the eyes , it is best pencil brown or gray eyeliner , and not so much black that is more suitable for the night. The shadow earth colors, beige or champagne , which give more light and sensitivity to glare. ¿Mascara? Yes, but in small quantities and if possible, colorless or brown.
To enhance a little cheekbones and cheeks, a pink blush will be most suitable, as it will give a more youthful and healthy appearance, and feel good in almost all women. Finally, a little lip gloss and mission accomplished. Another possibility for the mouth is to opt for a moisturizing gloss that color also help combat dry lips.

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