Tips to stylize the face contouring

And while many know the contouring , revolutionary technique of makeup made famous by Kim Kardashian. This technique aims to beauty sculpt and stylize face as a facelift but without resorting to surgery.
The contouring is to play with light and shadow on the face and apply strategic to enhance our beauty and sharpen traits areas. And today we give you some tips to stylize the face and not die trying with the help of Rimmel London. The firm has just launched makeup Rimmel Sculpting & Highlighting Kit, its first color palette for the contouring. And nothing better than having the very Kate Moss, ambassador of the firm, to design the product.

This palette to sculpt the face is elegant and easy to use. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types, ages and faces. It is available in three different shades and consists of a bronzer, blush and illuminator. It is essential to implement the three products properly. The bronzer is applied in areas that do not want to stand out, like the sides of the nose, chin line or hair. The illuminator , meanwhile, applies in areas such as the cheeks, the eyebrows, the center of the chin and forehead, among other areas of the face. the blush adds a touch of color to the face and applied to the cheekbones to highlight them and to provide a warmer tone. It is important to use a palette that suits our skin tone makeup to avoid problems.
kate_mossDepending on how much you apply to the face will get a more natural or more sophisticated and ideal for a special occasion look. This technique makeup has come to succeed in our beauty looks.

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