Treatments for a younger look

When we say that someone is very expressive, the first thing we think is in form of “talk to the eyes “; in that mimicry in which it involved not only the mysterious language of the eyes , but also the way we communicate with the movements of the eyebrows and eyelids. Hence the talk of looks happy and sad because this area is so powerful that modifies the general expression.
Look, that is the area of the upper third of the face, age, as does the entire face, inevitably, despite internal and external care . Time passes for everyone.
Often goes to the consultation of a surgeon without really knowing what we want to correct our face. It is clear that we appreciate wrinkles, perhaps sagging and volume loss, but do not know exactly what the solution is and what particular area depends we can improve the overall expression.
The face is a whole global harmony and the minimum change will alter the whole. Thus, an expression that gives us tired aged appearance, fatigued, we perceive, but we know very well what is due . We can help specialists and then detect this problem.

In the eye area imperfections are marked more and give rise to different problems that require different solutions. It depends on each case, you may have to work several aspects simultaneously to improve the area as a whole.
First, we have those marked bags appear under the lower eyelid and sometimes come to make us look sick. Before treating them it is essential to distinguish what is its origin , ie, if this inflammation is temporary or if the bags with us permanently.
The first are the result of fluid retention , which may be associated with excesses such as lack of sleep and / or alcohol intake, or be chronic and require constant care. In this case, the liquid is deposited in the eye sockets, since the skin in this area is very lax. A low-salt diet and moderate exercise should join the application of cold on the inflamed parts. If has been deposited us in the bottom of the eyes is fat, not liquid, it will be necessary to resort to surgery.

When we are young, the skin is tough and elastic and holds the fat surrounding the eyeball . Over the years, sagging takes its toll and the fat begins to notice left to produce a lump in the eye sockets and eyelids. By blepharoplasty can be removed without complication these fats. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 35 minutes. Postoperatively it is simple and we “will update” in a week and a half.mirada.
On the other hand, they are called ” crow’s feet “, which are the wrinkles that arise in the corners of the eyes and grow to the temple. They are associated with muscle movements in this part of our face and although they are not linked to aging, they can increase their visibility by bad care of the dermis.
Apart from masks and moisturizers, in this case I recommend aesthetic medicine treatments, especially mesotherapy, a combination of hyaluronic acid with essential minerals . Mesotherapy involves small infiltrations in the area to restore elasticity and the desired volume.
It is also used botox, although longer in use, as well as radiofrequency treatments, and periorbicular working the front area, helping to lift the eyebrow.
Finally, we must highlight the good results of fractional lasers to achieve adequate skin retraction and prevent sagging .

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