Tricks to look tan in winter

Although this winter is not doing particularly cold, it is true that we can not take the sun in the same way as if it were summer. And it is winter or summer, we all like to look tanned , and for this, we are going to give a few tips.
Some foods help skin tanning . This is the orange vegetables such as carrots, yellow like lemons, dark green like spinach and red as peppers for example. They all have in common that they have a lot of beta carotene , a substance that encourage stimulation of melanin .
In addition, other foods such as melon, garlic and apples contain flavonoids, substances that help better fixation of tanning .

On the other hand, we will give you some tricks now no longer so much to get dark, but to preserve in winter brown that much effort struggled to get in the summer. To begin, we remind you that the exfoliation keeps the skin glowing, but to work we do not have to obsess, so we should not exfoliate the skin with much regularity, since we ‘d get the opposite effect.
To preserve our tan is good also give us showers of warm water , as even more appealing in winter a warm bath, the water too hot can make you lose a faster hue of our skin.
Finally, we can apply some products that will help us to tanning our skin. For example, we are referring to self tanning lotions , which in addition to protecting the skin – are hidratantes-, add a touch of color to the skin. And another option is sugar cane , which also allows regulate the intensity of tan and can be found in some beauty salons.

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