Tricks to recover broken or damaged cosmetics

Is has dried you the mascara or you departed the lip ? Many times it happens that for some reason or another, are we spoiled some cosmetic . In this article we invite you to learn some tricks that will allow them to recover. Not the despise!
Eye shadows
One of the most frequent accidents is that the eye shadow breaks and falls off in pieces . To retrace the path that most thought impossible, there is a tip that you can try: basically have to collect all the pieces and return them to their original container, place a few drops of alcohol to a paste and let stand in a horizontal position for about eight hours. Then yes, you can use them . The same can be done with the blush or similar dust.

Enamels or nail varnishes
Another of the most experienced in each of any woman episodes is that is dry enamels or nail varnishes. For this there is also a trick: in this case, the infallible measure is add to the flask about five drops of nail polish remover or solvent. If what happened is that the cap was dried and stuck, and can not open, then the advice is to immerse the flask in a little water, with warm to hot temperatures, for a few minutes. Try then open again.

Have you purchased lipstick that does so much wanted and has broken you? Calm, no solution. Very carefully, you will have to heat the part starting with a match and then join both sides gently. Wait a few hours to re-use the product.
Finally, remember to always buy good quality cosmetics, which do not contain harmful chemicals in its composition, and always look at their expiration date. They shall be kept in a dry, medium temperature, tightly covered and in the shade.

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