unveils its new lipstick

Kylie Jenner already proved recently that is the beauty queen. The small clan Kardashian launched a few months ago some kits lipstick and eyeliner which sold out in less than a minute. Time after announcing his business venture in the beauty industry, the 18 year old got while stocks of their products.
And for many of the people who were left without kits beauty products young celebrity news that launch new lipstick she became a real joy. And so it has been, recently Kylie Jenner unveiled new shades of lipsticks signature cosmetics, just in time for Valentine ‘s Day. The pink, in 3 different shades , is the protagonist of February as the little sister Kim Kardashian. The first kit consisted of three colors – pale pink and two brown earth tones.

kylie_jennerBut these are not only the new colors of the cosmetics brand young. Red with pink accents is another of the additions to the lip kits Kylie Jenner. The same celebrity handled unveil in his Instagram with selfie in underwear and with red lipstick. The success of these kits lips not only rests with the popularity of California ‘s 18, but also that the buy the lipstick also bought eyeliner, a must for a top lip product.
kylie_jennerThe way makeup of this young has captivated Internet, and beauty tutorials get thousands of hits every day. Not to mention his now famous lip kits, all of them exhausted long.

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