We discovered the ‘Best Friends Forever’ collection

Collections and limited editions of Kiko Milano surprise us with well presented ideas, of a pretty good quality for the price low cost offer us , so we always end up with something biting. On this occasion they have been inspired by friendship, with a collection that could well be worth for Valentine ‘s Day for their red tones and heart – shaped containers .

Of course this new collection exudes good vibes , and ideas that bring us are happy with some basic that can not miss in your vanity case. One of the things that strikes us is the Love Elixir Face Powder , powders for the face presented in a nice box with metal closure with an applicator and a mirror. They have a tone bronzing powder and two shades of rouge. They offer a light and homogeneous texture , and is one of those details that can carry in your bag to make us small touch – ups during the day, so it’s very convenient.

You also have the kit Eyes of Love Mask and Kajal , ideal for a classic eyes. A mask tab with panoramic volume and matching eye pencil in black tone for use on the inside of the eye. For lips we have six shades of lipstick , with a red and various shades of pink, and lipstick to give those little touches in the same tones.
The collection, full of pink and red colors , also has a glaze with matte finish but microbeads to give a three dimensional effect. They come in bubblegum pink, fuchsia pink and red, colors that never tire of trying on our nails. Also they have a perfume with heart – shaped container and a lip balm with the same motive. To take it all, we offer a toiletry bag in red and fuchsia pink that can well carry as a bag when you want.

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