Wedding: cosmetic surgery techniques for tuning

The dates that we are perfect for planning a wedding , at least as far as female beauty is concerned. If you plan to marry this spring, you count to three months, up week, week down to decide the basic issues your staging.
I will forgive the term, but the entrance of a bride in a church on the arm of his godfather and heading toward her future husband has a great theatrical air, surrounded by romanticism. On the other hand, a beautiful bride with her bouquet and a hairstyle lovely, always refers to those spectacular princesses of fairy tales. It may sound corny, but talking about girlfriends, everything is small.
For the wedding day there are a number of issues that should be ready . In my capacity plastic surgeon, I will not get into issues like your dress and your hairstyle, the two major issues that many headaches give you during the preparations.

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It is logical, normal and even some highly desirable that ask opinion to friends, family and experts, to make a good decision. Not always the image we have of ourselves, of what we have left good or favors us, is realistic. We may be wrong and, like everything in life, you better listen before deciding.
So , ready hairstyle and clothing, there are three factors to be taken into account. The first is closely related to the issue of dress and , as you well imagine, is weight. We love it , we’ll try, but we are sure that we can ask for a little less than waist and chest because the diet we are doing it will be the most effective, if not, we know that everything at the last minute can be arranged.
I remind you that it is easier to get something we left over to put fabric where needed . Otherwise, my recommendation is that if you are of those that have a large complex in the area of the body where fat deposits you either belly, buttocks or the terrible holsters preguntéis by different solutions.
Three months away, liposuction is the fastest remedy, more effective and with which we will not have any trouble carvings , since all it takes to relocate about six months. A month and a half made the intervention we will have an idea of how we will be for the wedding.

eye! I always say : you liposuction removes excess fat, liposuction reshapes addition to removing you. In any case it is not a slimming treatment in general . It must be accompanied by a diet indicated against fluid retention – if this is the problem- or to avoid the extra calories.
For other procedures, the arsenal is considerable, as of today, but if we speak to remove, we need to talk to drain and firm . According to the area we convene a aparatología or another, but stay tuned to the following techniques:
Presotherapy . This is a cosmetic procedure performed in the clinic, very simple, nothing invasive and based on a stimulating massage movement of retained fluids, improving blood circulation, oxygen supply to the tissues and removing toxins accumulated.
Another massage, manual, in this case featuring good results in terms of retention is the lymphatic drainage , reabsorption and favoring the drainage of fluids and toxins retained tissue level.

Lymphatic drainage is also applied to curb this deadly enemy, cellulite, which today still can not find a final solution, like the dreaded stretch marks. The mesotherapy , dermal infiltration of hyaluronic acid, it us to keep at bay, especially in the posterior region of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.
In order to combat the general flaccidity, the recommended VelaShape, a treatment combining laser and promising results rollers in six sessions and a monthly maintenance.
So much for the body. For the face, my recipe is always natural. If a face is beautiful, natural makeup and a cosmetic treatment that is noticed as little as possible or go unnoticed, will be your greatest allies.
It is true that the makeup will be essential as the result of new girlfriend. But makeup on a dead, withered skin, does not guarantee beauty, and much less splendor, which is what is expected of a bride.
Some of you will already be aware of new treatments for skin four to five sessions, depending on each particular exfoliate, moisturize, cleanse stains and even offer shine and elasticity.
The first thing I recommend for the complete renewal of the skin of our face are some peelings with spectacular results. Originating laboratory Sesderma, its capacity for action is based on modern nanotechnology, one vehiculación active in liposomes nanosized with great penetrating power.
Phosphatidylcholine, the main ingredient meets the epitelizante, anti – inflammatory, antibacterial and anti – acne properties . And also it offers higher levels of penetration, greater stability and greater flexibility .
After the brief and necessary cleaning, an application ten minutes, get the limpid desired effect. Of course, initially it will be inevitable initial and small redness, will disappear quickly.
We work with in my clinic are Sesglicopee, a superficial peel with glycolic acid range Melaspeel as major or minor acne and pigmentation problems and Salipeel , specializing in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and blotches.
Having said all this, do not put your trust because the nerves play very dirty tricks. The problem brides is that they have to struggle with the stress of the last twenty – four hours before a ceremony. Anxiety, stress and fatigue accumulate, and skin accuses: dryness, dullness and elasticity and even, sometimes small dermatitis with a nervous origin .
In this case, we can do little, but contribute some treatment of so- called flash, last minute, plus a session Unstress.
Unstress presents benefits in the short and medium term. The first is to reduce irritation, relieve, soothe, protect, restore, smooth, firm and provide antioxidants to our skin. The latter are in reducing oxidative stress caused by DNA damage, reducing damage caused by lightning ultraviolet a + B, stimulates and enhances the functioning of cells, improves flexibility and appearance of wrinkles.

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