What are BB Creams, the Creams Creams CC and DD?

Among the trends in new creams , they arose a few years ago the BB Creams , which revolutionized the market, then the CC Creams and now, the newest, are the Creams DD . What each is it? If you desconocéis, in this article we propose to find out.
In principle, BB Creams appeared some years ago in the best brands, cream creamy, soft and moisturizing texture that was born in Germany, and seeks to add to the hydration of the skin a soft tone , covering imperfections and protecting the skin from sunlight. Its name comes from “Blemish Balm Cream”.

Some BB Creams are also made to lighten skin blemishes and to regulate excess sebum and shine on the skin. They are recommended for younger skin that recently have begun using makeup, without major flaws.
And CC Creams – Correction or Color Control Cover Creams- are creams similar to the above, only have a greater degree of coverage to better cover the imperfections of the skin. They resemble, then over to a foundation that a moisturizer. They also have the particularity to unify the skin tone and hide the early signs of time .
In this case, its use is more recommended in older women who have passed adolescence , and seeking a light cover imperfections, without becoming something as thick as a foundation.
Finally, Creams DD , the newest on the market, go a little further and offer even better coverage , with the bonus of being more rich in antioxidants to better protect the skin from aging and external factors. The DD Creams of “Daily Defense Cream” also attenuates stains and marks, it gives a more tan skin and have a sunscreen to protect -up to 50 FPS-. Recommended in older women and with evident signs of aging.

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