What creams are more suitable depending on skin type?

The skin can be of different types – that probably already you know – and there are also different care accordingly. But also today, you can find various types of creams , each with specific functions for hydration, nutrition or with other preventive purposes and / or curative.
In principle, it is worth remembering that there are different varieties of skin, according to its characteristics: it can be normal, combination, oily or dry . It will be important to you to know your skin type, to use cream and / or suitable cosmetic products. The normal skin has a rather pink and velvety appearance, returns to its original shape quickly after making movements or gestures and has no traces of fat.

And dry skin , however, tends to be whiter and pale, it is easily cracked and feels dry to the touch. The oily skin is more yellowish and they look brighter to the naked eye, it tends to have black and grains points. Finally, the combination skin is a combination of two or more types, with greater preponderance of the latter two: it is often the skin having oily skin in the area “T” (nose, cheeks and chin) and already dry in the rest of face.
Types of creams
For dry skin : as well as its name suggests it is specially designed for dry skin, effective moisturizing , and restore the property of the skin and give it more gently.
For sensitive skin : in this case, they are made with hypoallergenic formulas to prevent irritation or any kind of reaction.

For normal skin : hydration and maintain the natural properties of the skin.
Neck and neck : in this case are as specific for this area of the body that tends to be sensitive creams.
Firming creams : your goal is to regain the firmness of the skin, collagen and other compounds that the tone and encourage natural regeneration.
Cellulite creams: seek to reduce and / or prevent the appearance of orange peel or cellulite, helping to eliminate toxins and boost blood circulation to reduce inflammation and improve skin appearance.
Creams anti – stretch: This is a series of creams designed to prevent rather than to regenerate, through deep hydration of the skin and certain beneficial compounds for elasticity.
Exfoliating creams: are creams that bring in their formula, in addition to moisturizing compounds, some kind of microparticle exfoliates the skin, helping to remove dead cells and cleaning in depth.
Whitening cream or spotting: are used to attenuate spots in certain areas of the skin. They help reduce the accumulation of melanin and protect your skin with sunscreen

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