What is best for our hair, mask or conditioner?

In this post I will explain the differences between the mask and conditioner , and the advantages of each product in order to decide what’s best for your hair .
We started by conditioners or softeners . It is a creamy cosmetic compositions base with proteins, lipids and natural fats that provide shine and softness result of our hair. They are used to untangle the hair mainly, but besides that it rehydrate and nourish; They help balance the hair fiber, to keep it healthy and protected . The conditioner is applied after washing with rinse hair. Must distribute well all over the hair and rinse it again right after.

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On the other hand we have the masks . They are used to reconstruct the outside of the hair by strengthening its natural defenses . The mask , as a rule, is applied once or twice a week after washing hair and remove moisture. To take effect must be allowed to work for 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing.
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But according to our type of hair will have some specific needs associated with the use of air conditioners or masks. So, if our hair is matted and dull we apply a conditioner with moisturizing oils every time we wash our and also mask once a week .

If we have oily hair have to wash frequently and do not apply or conditioner or mask in the roots , and if our hair is normally all you need is a conditioner every time you wash our , and the mask only will we need once month .
And if our hair is damaged, dry , to care is advisable to use mask daily for complete regeneration, if it is thin and bodiless we recommend a hydrating cream and if you have thick and full, a moisturizing mask .

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