What kind of facial blemishes have and how to remove them

Our skin has color because we have 150 genes that work in one or another way determining its color both directly and indirectly. We must also add the external factors that also affect pigmentation and surely know the most important of all : ultraviolet radiation, although it we know as ‘the Sun’.
The main protagonists regulating the pigmentation of our skin are epidermal melanocytes that synthesize melanin and keratinocytes receive and distribute in the different layers of the skin. In general, the hyperpigmentation is primarily two mechanisms of: when for some reason increases the production of melanin in the epidermis and when melanocytes can not contain it within limits.

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What types of stains there?
Postinflammatory spots: occur after an injury to the skin caused by acne, psoriasis or burns or after a hematoma. Improves when the skin regenerates but may take months.
Lentigos: appear as we grow older and are mostly related to sun exposure.
Melasma: its origin is hormonal and can occur during pregnancy, taking oral contraceptives, thyroid dysfunction or hormone replacement therapies. There are different types of melasma depending on the depth of the lesion and the more surface is, the better the treatment outcome. It is the most difficult cases to treat.

Winter, the best time to remove stains
When the spots are already present in the skin and want to fight them , winter is an ideal time to do it because we warm, the effect of the rays on our skin is less and therefore the treatment is most effective.
Soon discuss in depth treatments to remove facial and body spots, treatments that work and those that do not and how to prepare your skin in advance when you go to become one. We have consulted one of the experts on this issue in Spain, the . Dr. Marisa Manzano clinical Antiaging Group Barcelona , which moves us: “the spots are not easy to treat; require constancy in home treatment and medical consultation, removing all predisposing factors that we can, as certain medications, especially the use of appropriate sunscreen, even in winter. “

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