What risks are involved in cosmetic surgery?

I propose a simple entertainment: Seek related to cosmetic surgery news. If you ever have you had to do to documentaros about this or that speech that you thought yourselves completely, I am sure you have you encountered tragic news related to my industry.
It is quite common, unfortunately, the international press reported the death of models, actresses and even anonymous in the course of a facelift people do. On the other hand, we can rejoice that, by individuals, these cases become news.
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I strongly agree that they are published, because you can not lose your life in an operating room when you enter a size increase breast or corrected the bridge of the nose that makes us both complex drag.
plastic surgery
That said take this space to reassure all those who are planning to undergo surgery to undergo a chin surgery, liposuction to a small touch made or whatever you want.

Cosmetic surgery carries much less risk than other types of interventions performed in the operating room under general anesthesia . I say this because many procedures performed at skin level without intervening in deep structures. An exception that you may know me would abdominoplasty, which, having to take off the abdomen to remove the skin and tissue have to work on blood vessels and arteries. Hence the thoroughness of the technique.
Otherwise, if someone coronary risk , severe lung disease, arterial blockage or are allergic to any product as anesthesia – although previas- tests should be performed is tempting fate, whether it is operated foot and the nose.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her ski

What happens is that in the global environment in which the term low cost is synonymous with good, it is possible that we center where all preoperative testing necessary are not made, that the material is not optimal, staff not have proper qualifications or postoperative where there are risks, simply do not exist.
For this reason there is social unrest related to cosmetic surgery, an unjust and unjustified alarm and turned away many people to correct an aspect of his physical with disgust that lead to long.
Spain is a country that can boast of its aesthetic professionals, both technical and ethical standards. There are many patients coming from abroad to get our hands. Just learn the qualifications of the surgeon, their professional qualifications and, as I told you last week, the state and trajectory of the medical center.
If you have questions you can consult professional associations , where, in addition to guide you , they will give you peace of mind. That when entering an operating room badly he needed.

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