when looking after your hair

The routine care of hair varies with each individual. Each of us has a hair of a kind, and that requires specific care. But there are a number of errors that regardless of our hair type and age make. It’s time to clear them and not repeat them again. Your hair will thank you !
Many of us do not brush us properly. That happens by simply not brushing her hair, which entangles the hair more or less suitable to use brushes. T ermix is the top brand when it comes to brushes and hair products are concerned. Sure you, for lack of time or due to high temperatures, you have chosen not to dry hair. This error causes the natural capillary dry particles generate frizz. We recommend drying the hair in full, avoiding wet strands, and use a brush Termix . Its innovative formula accelerates the drying process and adds shine.


The use of the iron can also be erroneous. It is essential to use a ceramic plate having several temperature levels. Thus, we can regulate the degree of heat applied to the hair. For electrical and hairdressing brushing we recommend the new brushes Termix: . The Pro Flat Brush and Pro Styling Brush If what you want is a hair straighteners, we recommend the plate 230 Black , featuring the latest technology in care capillary.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

I termix_peloAnother mistake we make when looking after your hair is to lavárnoslo with hot water. It’s much nicer, of course, but it is more harmful. The heat opens the hair cuticles, and that can make after encrespen more easily and lose strength. If you are stained, the heat makes the color goes more easily. We recommend to wash your hair with cold water and warm water in winter to minimize the effects of hot water.

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