With these makeup trends want to be in spring

Takes note that the new season brings the beauty looks fresh and juicy for this 2016. Lips candy , tanned skins or eclectic looks are some of the reasons why these months adore makeup . Aim and these catwalk trends and put them into practice for a look irresistible.
tabs twiggy
“To infinity and beyond”. This could define the slogan this year proclaim our eyelashes. Ultralong, separated into small sections and appearance baby doll . As if the eyes of a doll is involved, these months shall worship the false eyelashes . Elevated to full power, intensity also doubles flush with the bottom line .
If the switches do not quite convince you , review your lashes with several layers of mascara to give definition and lengthen . Carefully is grouped into small divisions. A trick? Gets a look of absolute doll shaping blank line under water .
gourmands lips
As sweet as cotton candy. This spring you will become addicted to sweets because the catwalks tones offer us more candy to color our lips: pink proclaims champion in every one of its versions.
Carolina Herrera, Kate Spade
Sweet as a cloud, acid like gum or strawberry sweet like a lollipop. Anyway, this season acertarás with the sweet tooth lips in matt or gloss , pink does not require conditions to succeed. Of course, try not to profile them not to break their essence. A plus? They are worn with a touch of gloss to appear more volume.

Face gilded by the sun
The contouring has been one of the kings make up this winter. Eager to maintain its position for another season, these months the technique of makeup made famous by Kim Kardashian combined with bronzer for a much result more subtle and looking healthy .
Dsquared2, Balmain
Trying to imitate the faces of the California girls, it seeks to recreate a slightly golden complexion from the sun . Therefore, applications are made minimum, extending our bronzer only by the contours of the face, the nasal septum and the malar bone .
Blue lagoon eyes
The blue invades the looks of impending spring. We have seen in multiple versions: electric, serenity , like a mask or even shaped cloud. But undoubtedly the turquoise outlined by designers such as Hugo Boss or Monique Lhuillier, becomes the winning horse of the most refreshing looks next season.
Hugo Boss, Monique Lhuillier

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Only flush upper lashes and blurring their pigments around the eyelid: this is the new blue lagoon eyes fixing the catwalks betting. Combine it with white pencil on lower water line to give even more light in your eyes. Do your best allies on this trip? Ultratupidas Cejas and naked mouth!
feline corner
The eternal eyeliner never gets old. Enough to wake up your look and give it strength , her power of seduction becomes even more daring accompanying him in a discreet corner trying to simulate enigmatic cat eyes .
Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana
Dithering and accompanying a smokey eyes, like Moschino, or from the middle of the eye in crescendo as Dolce & Gabbana . You choose how to bring this surefire way to dress up your look at any time of day classic. Combine it with a super juicy lips to have a final result of the sexiest.

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